What attitude is used to treat claim from guests?


Some time ago, a guest complained that there was a problem with our products. I was really surprised at that time because the goods were customized according to the customer’s design and the samples were confirmed before shipment. How can the problem occur?
After discussing with my boss, I express our company attitude to our clients:
First of all, Does this order delay your product, If yes, we will deliver the new one to you immediately. No matter what, it can’t affect the production and reputation of the guests.
Secondly, if it is not urgent so much, we must first confirm the problem and whether there are any adjustment opportunities so that we will not waste everyone’s time and resources.
Finally, find a reasonable solution based on customer requirements.
After the joint efforts of both sides, the problem has been solved very well.
In fact, from the first beginning, we have the worst plan to reproduce a batch of goods for our guests.
Only our sincerity impress the guests and let client trust you.

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