Aluminum material 304 stainless steel heavy duty weld on hinge with grease fitting

weld on hing
weld on hinge with grease fitting
heavy duty weld on hinge
Aluminum body weld on hinge with grease fitting

Weld On Hinge Description

Weld on hinge with a grease fitting or without a grease fitting are all available, the body material can be aluminum or 304 stainless steel.

Weld on hinges points

  1. Body material: aluminum welding hinges, 304 stainless steel material bullet hinges, and carbon steel weldable hinges
  2. Take apart welding hinges as the image.
  3. Brass washing
  4. Steel pin
  5. Grease nipple
  6. Applications: metal leaf table, folding shelves, BBQ.
  7. For each size please refer to the drawings.

Technical questions, we are experts.

Aluminum body material weld on hinge

Aluminum body, SS304 bushing, without grease fitting

SS304 material weld on hinge

SS304 all the whole hinge, without grease fitting

Carbon steel material weld on hinge

Carbon steel body, steel pin, brass bushing, with grease fitting

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