Top 10 heavy duty drawer slides companies in Canada

Top 10 heavy duty drawer slides companies in Canada

Canada is a big market for the drawer slides rails, especially for the heavy duty drawer slides. lots of buyer like to find the drawer slides wholesaler in the local place, most use for their cars, RV, or campus. This would be become more and more popular if you like DIY or build your items by yourself. Here is the top 10 heavy duty drawer slides companies in Canada I search for you, you can refer to them and find out the best one for you.

  • Found year: 2007
  • Location: Shanghai
  • Company type: Manufacturer, wholesaler
  • Main products: heavy duty locking drawer slides
  • Others: ball bearing drawer slides, hinges, locks

Found in 2007, with over 14 years of experience in the drawer slides field, especially in heavy duty locking drawer slides, offering a big range of the drawer slides to meet your need. Most of the drawer slides are in stock, if you have any request, you also can customize your drawer slides. The drawer slides can be sent to Canada in about 7 day after confirm all the details.


  • Found year: 1994
  • Location: Toronto, Ontario
  • Company type: retailer
  • Main products: heavy duty drawer slides
  • Others: home improvements 
Top 10 heavy duty drawer slides companies in Canada

Homedepot as one of the big companies, it has too many stores all around the world, 182 stores in 10 Canadian province, employ  more than 5000 people in Canada. All of the home hardware, like drawer slides, locks, hinges, and accessies you can get. If you have time, you can have a visit to any store of them, to get more inspiration, more items you like.

  • Found year: 2004
  • Location: Surrey, Canada
  • Company type:  wholesaler, retailer
  • Main products: Industrial Heavy Duty Drawer Slides
  • Others: Linear Actuators, Home Automation, office desks, TV lifts

If you’re looking for the industrial heavy duty drawer slides in Surrey Canada, Firgelli Automation will be your best choice. Many drawer slides can to be your choice. This is one of leading drawer slides wholesaler and retailer. it also sell other items, like linear actuators, office desks, TV lifts, sit stand desks. Firgelli manufacture Electric Linear Actuator systems for motorizing your ideas in a variety of very different applications.

  • Found year: 1978
  • Location: Ottawa, Ontario
  • Company type: retailer
  • Main products: extra heavy duty slides
  • Others: Woodworking Tools, Gardening Tools, Home and Kitchen Tools,
Lee vellay

Lee Valley is a family-owned business that has been serving users of woodworking and gardening tools since 1978. Our reputation is built on customer satisfaction, honesty and fairness. It’s expert in Tools, Home, Hardware, Kitchen, Garden fields. Lee Valley has his own brand that make sure providing quality products and service so you can trust them.

  • Found year: 1889
  • Location: Thornhill, ON
  • Company type:  wholesaler
  • Main products: drawer slides
  • Others: safety, and fastener products
grainger 拷贝

Grainger Canada is the country’s largest distributor of industrial, safety, and fastener products. For over 130 years, helping businesses and government keep their operations running and their people safe while creating a company where hard working talented people can thrive. Its sales team is comprised of people who live by the following: Wow the Customer – Know your customers; Earn your customer’s trust; Become your customers’ “go-to” person Have A Winning Attitude – Play to win; Act with optimism & enthusiasm; Make courageous decisions .

  • Found year: 1982
  • Location: Brampton, Ontario
  • Company type: wholesaler
  • Main products: heavy duty drawer slides 
  • Others: hinges, fasten products
Pomarhardware 拷贝

POMAR Hardware & Supply Inc., a  Canadian family owned company, has been committed to understanding the needs of our customers and providing quality products at competitive prices from reliable and high quality global sources. It has multiple methods for placing an order, by phone, email, fax, even if you can pick them at the local store. Choose the best one for you to experience their quality service.

  • Found year: 1939
  • Location: Boucherville, Québec
  • Company type: retailer
  • Main products: full extension slides
  • Others: outdoor, building supply, kitchen and tools

The Lowe’s Canada family of banners includes RONA, which was founded in 1939. Its large network of more than 375 outlets, which span the whole country, includes both corporate stores and independent connected dealers. RONA is well-known for its huge in-store and online product selections, as well as its installation services, but it also offers expert help and guidance to its retail and professional clients for their construction and restoration projects.

  • Found year: 1993
  • Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba
  • Company type: retailer
  • Main products: full extension drawer slides
  • Others: drawer and cabinet hardware
Prncess auto 拷贝

Princess Auto is a privately held, Canadian-owned firm with over 3000 employees with a headquarters in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  Offering a diverse range of tools and equipment to hardworking Canadians through 48 stores around the country, a national call center, and our online store. Support the people who keep our country running, such as tradespeople, farmers, inventors, and factory workers. Princess Auto strive to give them with the tools and equipment they require at a great price, as well as an outstanding experience guaranteed by Princess Auto Guarantee: “No deal is complete until you are completely happy.” That means we’ll happily fix, replace, or refund any product that doesn’t meet your expectations. 

  • Found year: 1990
  • Location: Mississauga, Ontario
  • Company type: retailer, wholesaler, manufacturer
  • Main products: 150 lbs Ball Bearing Full Extension Slides
  • Others: drawer systems and slides, open systems and hinges
Marathon hardware

Marathon is a leading importer and distributor of decorative and functional hardware for the kitchen cabinet, furniture, and woodworking industries. Its hardware expertise has enabled everyone to expand to six locations in three regions since 1990. Currently stock 3,000 items and offer more than 10,000 on special request to our 10,000 customers in Canada and the United States. Most consumers rely on to deliver, with 97% of purchases being delivered within 24 hours. Marathon values the long-term ties it has built with its clients. 

  • Found year: 1957
  • Location: Woodbridge, Ontario
  • Company type: retailer, wholesaler
  • Main products: Stainless Steel Drawer Slides 
  • Others: Drawer slides, hinges, fasteners and bath hardware
berenson 拷贝

Berenson has been a market leader since 1957, bringing interesting and innovative items to market, aiming to your first choice for hardware. It takes pride in the ability to deliver individualized service to the woodworking, furniture, and cabinetry sectors, and we put our customers first. The deep product expertise and professional support Berenson provides across a wide spectrum of specialist hardware is what makes its valuable. Experience the Berenson difference and let they exceed your expectations.

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