aluminum alloy material table extension slides mechanism for the dining table

table extension slides
the section of table extension slides
the drawing of table extension slides
dining table of table extension slides

table extension slides Description

Table extension slides that have load rating up to 50kg, are available in size 300 mm closed length, with max length to be 3000 mm.

table extension slides points

  1. Load rating: 50 kg
  2. Closed size: 300 mm
  3. Max open length: 3000 mm
  4. Thickness: 1.5 mm
  5. High: 51 mm
  6. Material: aluminum alloy
  7. Drawing: 300 mm size for reference
  8. Package: one pair per carton
  9. Application: extension table
  10.  Multi section, length can be adjusted.
  11. Other sizes of the telescoping table slide mechanisms can be customized.

About the heavy duty table extension slides

table slides
heavy duty table extension slides
extension table hardware
The heavy duty table extension slides are ball-bearing slides with good loading capacity, all the sizes can be customized as you like. These table slides do not have them in stock, If you like, please send us a message, and we will get in touch with you in 4 hours.

Technical questions, we are experts.

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The advantages of the extension table:

  1. Save space. When you are to use this table slides mechanism dining table, you put these out, when you finish, you close it. It only take a very small place.
  2. Customized size according to the number of people. When you have two people, you can add one leaf, when you have four people, you can add 2 leaves.
  3. Transformable fashionable furniture system. The table looks beautiful and has very useful function.

FAQ about the table extension slide mechanisms

What are the table extension slides about?

The table extension slides are the slide under table leaf hardware, making the dining table look like a transformable table. The size can be adjusted as you like. then you can make the table can hold 2 people, 4 people, and event more than 10 people. If someone likes to DIY  extension table slides table, they will love this furniture hardware.

How to install table leaf extension hardware?

Firstly, Choose the right size of table leaf slide extension.

Secondly, Make the frame for the dining table, especially for the two ends size, please check and make sure the size fits the closed size.

Thirdly, Calculate how many leaves you like to put on the table.

Fourth, Use the screws to fix the hardware to the woods.

If you have any help, you also can let us know, we can send you the install video.

How do table extension slides work?

Usually, the dining table can’t be extended, and fixed within the frame. The dining table with extension slides can slide back and forth, so the dining table can become longer or smaller than before. How far the dining table can extend depends on the quantity of spare leaves and the width of the leaf.

how do the table slides work

What is the material of this table extension slide mechanism?

There are two materials for the table slide mechanism, aluminum alloy and plate steel. The aluminum alloy table slide mechanism is quite light, it’s easy to install and ship. And also we have this size in stock. The plate steel table slides mechanism is heavy duty table extension slides, the weight is more heavy and can hold more loading, but it’s inconvenient to ship. so aluminum alloy material table extend  slides  are the best table extension slides.

Do you have the hardware come with the slide?

Yes, you can refer the the image, all these hardware for the dining table are in the carton, and with a safe shipping box.

table slides mechanism

What are the different types of table slides?

  • Wooden table slides: These are the most traditional table slide mechanisms, You also can DIY one wooden table slide by yourself.
  • Ball bearing table slides: These are the slides with ball bearings, making sure the table slides smoothly and quietly.
  • Aluminum alloy table slides: These slides can make your table slides easily and also very light.

How to choose dining table extension slides hardware?

First, Make sure which size you need. Like we have closed length 300 mm and max open length 3000 size in stock, this size table can hold about 10 people. If you like the table can hold more people, you can make the size longer.

Second, Choose the material you like. As the aluminum alloy slides are more light and the plate steel  extend slides are more heavy.

Third, taking the cost into your consideration. If you just like one pair for your dining table, try to find who have them in stock.

How to make custom size dining table extend slides?

Please let us know which size you like, then we will check and design how to do these custom sizes. Send you the offer and drawing, After your confirmation, we can produce them for you.

We will send you the image and check all the details for you before shipping, make sure the table slides are the perfect for you.



How do you buy from HVPAL Hardware?

Please check all the details of the table slides and make sure these are the ones you need. We have one size in stock, a closed length of 300 mm, and a max open length of 3000 mm for most users.

If you have any questions, please leave a message or send an email to us.If you have any questions, please leave a message or send an email to us.

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