Drawer slides blog

Choose the right drawer slides are not easy, and there are many details to pay attention to, so it’s often a challenge to find a reliable drawer slides supplier. Here we are for you to help you save time.

Custom Drawer Slides

Custom Drawer Slides As You Needs https://youtu.be/ZpXq9wOdvug A few days ago, we sent some custom drawer slides to our  German clients, they got the heavy

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Drawer Slides to India

Customised bayonet drawer slides to India Bayonet drawer slides to India By DHL 51 mm high bayonet telescopic drawer slides to India by air, it

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Drawer Slide to America

Drawer slide to America 227 kgs loading rate heavy duty drawer slide 45 mm light cabinet ball bearing drawer slide Drawer slides to America.  205

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Ball bearing telescopic slides

Ball bearing telescopic slidesBall bearing telescopic slides have hard steel balls (sometimes plastic balls for particular applications) that run in profiles. This gives good lateral

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