Roller runners or ball bearing slides?

Roller runners or ball bearing slides? Which type of slide is the best for my application?
An objective look at the difference between roller runners and ball bearing slides. In fact, they essentially do the same thing, allowing a drawer to open and close smoothly. The answer to which is best really depends on several factors such as budget and what you want to achieve with the slide.
Roller runners
Roller runners are traditionally used for drawers in furniture and are fixed to the bottom edge of the drawer box. They come with either nylon or steel rollers and provide a reasonably stable movement with either full or partial extension. Roller runner technology is very simple so they should present no operational problems and are good value for money. Rollers are normally used in the ‘budget’ furniture ranges, but there are some heavier weight rollers that can be used in other movement applications and where drawer removal is an important requirement, for example, tool cabinets. The roller runners that are made to carry larger loads start to get expensive and are physically larger than the equivalent ball bearing slide.
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