Hvpal ball bearing drawer slides factory advantage

Hvpal ball bearing drawer slides factory advantage
1. Ball bearing drawer slides samples are provided free of charge.
We have two warehouses in Shanghai. General ball bearing drawer slides samples are available in stock.
All stocked ball bearing drawer slides are available free of charge.
The period required for the sample is very short.
2. Has more than 15 years of ball bearing drawer slides production experience.
Experienced to help guests design and improve ball bearing drawer slides products.
There is an official website in Taobao and the Chinese supplier online store, which can be used for reference.
3. All products are certified by SGS.
If the customer can provide samples to a third-party testing company for testing, all products can pass the test safely.
4.100% product inspection to ensure product safety and safety.
The raw materials are subject to rigorous testing, and in the middle of production and at the end of production, the corresponding tests are carried out to ensure that the ball bearing drawer slides products meet the requirements.

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