How to find reliable suppliers from Google

when you want to do business and sell products, you must like to buy products from China, especially after COVID-19, China is the best place to find a reliable supplier.

Why the reliable suppliers are so important?

The reliable suppliers can help you:

1. Lower the cost of your product

2. Control the quality of products

3. Help you with the packing and shipping 

How to find a reliable supplier?

Now finding a supplier may be from the following channels.

1. Google. You put your product’s keyword into the Google search box and Google, you will find some suppliers from China.

2. B2B platform. Like Alibaba, Made in China, and Gloubalsourcues.

3. Canton Fair. Although it is very difficult to travel to China due to the epidemic, the Canton Fair is still a very effective way to find reliable suppliers.

4. Introduce by your friends. Ask your friends if they have a good supplier and they may be made deals before.

Now we will list some tips for how to find reliable suppliers from Google.

Tip 1: Check if the supplier has any advertisements on Google.

If yes, it says the supplier put some effort into exporting products.

For example, you like to find LED suppliers from China, you may be searching for LED suppliers on google like this.

you will find the first supplier with an “Ad” before the supplier’s website.

Or if you search heavy duty drawer slides China supplier, you will find the supplier’s website like this.

AVvXsEiiK6L cnRBb9NtPuJmNI0No4flG3ZXLQ0qk2ZujBj64P4NgOP8c4NKJnJNQ7STE3XgH0i652dncZYCl6eJ5r4OR hehoSYwnzQq0xAA9vuWHabrAw0LGjka7piO I60gI VEfOo U81LgozO7GF960CE F kDNJkycGXPQJOH IuyQ6H NHZOjUoF=s320
Ad means an advertisement, if the supplier rates a good price, google will list his website at the top of the searching results. The next one without the “Ad” mark is showing the organic searching result.

Tip 2: check the year of the supplier’s domain.

Take for instance, using search as following,
AVvXsEhyF00OqWm LOUi e nBXQubkdY4YPZJdwUTP5ubSFhVmBfTtdI60mS1fNxDhelwH klSKMzWtoCCCnCcVfcZnGowNM39W9x4 0IWBk5nqfB

The longer the domain name registration, the more stable the supplier is.

Tip 3: google the supplier company name, to check the post about this company.

When you search HVPAL hardware from Google, you will get more information about this supplier.
AVvXsEhOTjmy EQIDgJRyqExM7Z8OahaerILymwo0L2QbCMSxwFE5WZZQe2sRq aj2qMdp5Nz0LxoYwRnvkruTRSm3frWrvLoOYxhbL8TCrzmCiNwrxGV

You will get the more supplier information from Facebook, MadeinChina and also some more information.
You also can get the address from Google map.
AVvXsEiiuf5iFKowSH19JnMBFBIQ8bacgQQJA8OL15zJENHtK91wBa3qQZtbFFLKYZFf1zWFr3NjcYCyEmJFNJQF LCt3Srzshms8ok26nx1YMAFDisFj59GRjcBhLtHCs2kbPo4yCyseJuG2UlrlVigE2a IE20UnxriElVRsYLt1Qlq2qV RIyeYXzSMTA=s320

Tip 4: Dig more social information, such as Facebook, Linkedin.

AVvXsEiaMHzrY1rXCMKGAbHb91cBsDM02T5z2W2T mGis1eRFx6Ds6bBSkXgXa9q7r88Hm 9lbHz6Uou26e3noQdPqKSs83puRwj8K9piRAGAbSjQhQTS1oDEc85WpqgrBQnMMnPcmGxTA8ftjDv01cE29XrpNhCnF bh7C64YvmusHBcg6XXyT8nQCbKFIR=s320

AVvXsEiUcBcjfXo0n22FhlUFgBqwt09CloXau6aroszpe 8lM7lPaFCoJhzPC5Wa24Hj58Q2LFKilDSdlWxtbQCWlrAENXhCT4eAflMUPlzCKDK3cP52tzDe0oFbamjSAG Mt0wu7jhIcnON6cPLKTe7pgq0VAxYonlr1i7yJVL7JTCc 2nlt7w4OekDHpo4=s320

From these post, you can find that they are in drawer slides industrial at least three years.
AVvXsEgBV9qgPGoc8s9P3ip zkbIrOB0B rF52iVjBb5nR54DNgWfrH0TobFLG9tu4JjUCGZXpQGyNKLsczHbpyG1ZE7JmiFrJ9n7Ya8DtACDn PwCmB5RfdR8jfRPk

AVvXsEhP1hYsssvJNx3O6hRPdLuzruo9fz7LZ9SBpU4BJm95jpUTeAA5M1RyuDswWLo5Owm0xUBdXgJJFdEIBErSqJuj1ZCCdwq2zmFfcdOxtUGccSEm6ZAWvxyj3qsRRbAvEFvWwfnsm05HHvbbjnVFj0 QUIB BFoebMMpAsH9 7Bur3ivX56R BSJwjbA=s320

You also can get more information from Linkedin and Blog. This information can prove that the supplier really exists. Stability is a key indicator. You’ll want to sign up with vendors who have been in business a long time and have done so without changing businesses every few years. 

Tip 5: Check the information from Alibaba.

Put the name of the supplier is to Alibaba search bar, to search the supplier.
AVvXsEhD3 MdzIlrMuqDS4cfUYjoo U 0 FhubnODB4YrpcgphkOeVFRKgCuYHGx6TDLkK6nRikuXgTRC70YOqpzO Vq0sr2JTt4rltDGRZA3fRv gy2m b1N1E0AMsBTor3DO0VAIrZ0y91a3 pu2jypLYV4B1d9UL5TJGZedOSgR8R07JTNO qIdHvBRQ=s320
Already 7 years membership from Alibaba.
We all know Alibaba is the third part, if the supplier like to join the Alibaba membership, the supplier not only pay for it, but also Alibaba has to vertifiy the supplier is really exists.

Here are all the tips for how to find reliable supplier from Google, if you have any questions, you can let me know and leave your comments.

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