How to distinguish the good and bad of the steel ball slide buffer?

There are many types of soft close drawer slides on the market. This kind of function is difficult to check on the surface. The main reason is that the function parts are inside the drawer slide, so it is not easy to see.

What’s we can do?
1. The quality of the damper spring directly determines the better or worse of the entire component. The carbon material spring has good strength, good process performance, stable quality and good appearance, and is the first choice for buffer springs.
The plastic part of the buffer generally has three materials, namely PA66, ABS, POM. PA66 has good toughness, high elasticity, high-temperature resistance and friction resistance. ABS has good plasticity and is not easily deformed, but its mechanical properties are poor. POM has good mechanical properties, but it is easily deformed and easily broken. So PA66 is the best choice.

So when choosing a soft close drawer slide rail, you can pay attention to the above two points.

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