How to distinguish the function of the drawer slides?

How to distinguish the function of the drawer slides?

Classified according to the function of the drawer slides , there are generally the following categories:
Just a slight push inward and the slide latch releases, propelling the drawer open 2″.
The Touch-Release drawer slides just require a slight push inward with your elbow, toe, or hand to propel the drawer open 2.
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Touch-Release drawer slides
Firmly holds drawers and pull-out surfaces in extended positions.
The feature holds drawers and pull-out surfaces in an extended position, making it the ideal solution for pull-out work surfaces in residential or commercial environments.
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Detent-Out drawer slides
Keeps drawers, trays, and panels secured in closed and open positions for prolonged access.
Equipped with a front latch release, the lock-in/lock-out is ideal for securing drawers, trays, and panels that in an extended position.
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Lock-In/Lock-Out drawer slides 
Bring drawer to a smooth, gentle close every time with our patented Easy-close feature.
These drawer slides are equipped with an easy-close mechanism with an automatic reset stroke of about 1.75 to bring drawers to a smooth, gentle close every time.
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Easy-Close drawer slides 
Self-close ensures your application returns to the closed position and remains there until its next use.
This now enhanced self-closing slide is ideal for commercial casework, kitchen storage, and bathroom storage.
Self-closing drawer slides
Locks drawers and other pull-out surfaces in extended position until released by a lever.


Keeps drawers and pull-outs secured in the extended position until released by a lever.
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Lock-Out drawer slides

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