How to choose the type of drawer slides


How to choose the type of drawer slides?

Roller type

Such drawer slides have been around for a long time and are the first generation of silent drawer slides. Since 2005, the new generation of furniture has slowly replaced the steel ball slides. Roller slide structure is relatively simple, consists of a pulley, two tracks, can meet the daily push and pull needs, but the bearing capacity is poor, does not have the buffer and rebound function, commonly used with computer keyboard drawer, light drawer.

roller drawer slides


Ball type

The steel ball drawer slide is basically a two-section and a three-section metal slide. The more common one is the structure installed on the side of the drawer. The installation is relatively simple and saves space. The good quality steel ball slide rail can ensure that the push-pull slide is smooth and the load-bearing force is large. The slide rail can have a buffer closing or a press-rebound opening function. In modern furniture, steel ball slides are gradually replacing roller-type slide rails, becoming the main force of modern furniture slides.

ball bearing drawer slides


Gear type

Such drawer slides have hidden slide rails, horseshoe-pull slide rails and other types of slide rails, which belong to the middle-to-high grade slide rails. The gears are used so that the slide rails are very smooth and synchronous. Such slide rails also have a cushioned closing or pressing rebound. The opening function is mostly used in high-end furniture. Because the price is relatively expensive, modern furniture is also relatively rare, so it is less popular than steel ball slides. Such a slide is a future trend.

hidden drawer slides


Soft close drawer slide

The Soft close drawer slide is a kind of slide rail inside, which refers to an effect of an anechoic buffer that provides a cushioning effect using liquid and has an ideal cushioning effect. Slide rails are fast and easy to have automatic selection. It relies on a completely new technology to adapt to the closing speed of the drawer. The drawer will use hydraulic pressure to slow down when closing to the last distance, reducing the impact force and forming a comfortable effect when closing. Even if the force is used to push the drawer, it will be gently closed, ensuring the perfect and soft movement. Including fixed rails, middle rails, movable rails, balls, clutches and buffers, buffers are installed in fixed rails; buffers include piston rods, housings and pistons, through holes and holes are provided on the pistons, and piston rods are driven. When the piston moves, the liquid can flow from one side to the other through the through hole, thereby acting as a buffer and damping effect. It is often used for pushing and pulling drawers.

soft close drawer slides


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