How to choose the right drawer slides?

How to choose the right drawer slides? 

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When you like to update your drawer, how to choose the right drawer slides?

Please check the 4 main points, help you choose the right drawer slides for you.

1. drawer slides load rating

How much weight do you like to hold on your drawer?

45 kgs load rating, 65 kgs load rating, 115 kgs load rating, and 227 kgs loading capacity.

2. the difference of the drawer slides installation.

Like side mount drawer slides, cent mount drawer slides, and under-mount drawer slides,

Which one do you like best?

3. the extension of the drawer slides

when you pull out the drawer, how many parts do you like the drawer out of the cabinet?

3/4 extension, full extension/100% extension, and overtravel.

4. Any function do you need

Soft closed, push to open, or just normal drawer slides function.

If you have any questions4, you also can refer to this post.

4 points help you choose the right drawer slides

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