How to choose kitchen slides?

How to choose kitchen slides?
DrawerS are an integral part of modern kitchens, and in the design of the entire drawer, a small slide rail can have a decisive influence on the quality of the entire drawer. According to the position of the slide rails, we divide the slide rails into two categories, which are installed at the bottom of the drawer and mounted on the side of the drawer. Among them, the slide rail installed at the bottom of the drawer can hide the track well, also known as the hidden track. Most of the slide rails installed at the bottom of the drawer have a rebound function and can well withstand the weight of the drawer. Compared with the slide rail installed on the side, the slide rail installed at the bottom is more ideal.
Purchase points
1, pay attention to the structure of the drawer slides. The overall connection of the slide rails is the preferred choice for drawer load-bearing, while the three-point connection is slightly inferior. With the progress of slide rail design, the current high-quality slide rails also have the features of simple disassembly. At the same time, it is also necessary to pay attention to the material of the slide rails. The interior materials have a fatal influence on the quality of the slide rails. Therefore, when you buy, you can feel the slide rails of different materials by hand, and choose a harder, harder, and heavier slide rail.
2, according to the needs of their own kitchen to buy, buy the track. At the time of purchase, not only should the length of the slide rails be appropriate, but also the requirements of the drawers of the home should be taken into account. If the drawer is to hold very heavy things, the weight of the slide rails must be paid more attention. When listening to the sales person’s introduction, you can ask about the number of push-pulls that the slide can withstand in the load-bearing condition.
3, on-site experiment selection slides. You will feel less resistance when a good drawer slide is pulled out. When the slide rail is pulled to the end, the drawer does not fall off or fall over. At the scene, you can also pull out the drawer and press it by hand on the drawer to see if the drawer is loose and if there is a buzzing sound. At the same time, the resistance, resilience, and smoothness of the slide rail in the pull-out process of the drawer require you to push and pull several times at the site, and can only be determined after observation.


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4, the price determines the quality. Try to choose a good kitchen hardware brand, for example, foreign brands Accuride, Hettich, HAFELE. After all, the kitchen hardware needs durable features. Good quality hardware can save you a lot of maintenance troubles. With the increase of manufacturing capacity in China, Chinese factories have also increased their emphasis on quality based on their experience in production. There are also many manufacturers of rails with better quality. Since there is a very important step of electroplating in the production process of the slide rails, the environment is heavily polluted, and many small electroplating factories do close the factory without meeting the requirements of the environmental protection department. Therefore, the natural area distribution of electroplating is now presented, and the main quality is better in the Foshan area of Guangzhou. Another thing that cannot be overlooked is that with the continuous improvement of the industry chain, Jieyang’s production of slide rails is also more representative and the price/performance ratio is relatively high.

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