How is the drawer slide produced?

How is the drawer slide produced?
The drawer slide is the soul of the drawer, which determines whether the drawer can be freely and smoothly pulled and loaded. The high-quality drawer slide has low resistance and long life, which ensures smooth and silent drawers when pulling.
Many people think that the manufacturing process of drawer slides is very simple. In fact, different drawer slide materials, structures, processes, and principles are very different. Its birth is not as simple as people think.
1. Automation equipment
A roll of steel plate enters from the beginning of the machine, undergoes several mechanized operations in the middle, and finally forms a semi-finished product of the drawer slide.
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2. Injection workshop
The plastic products required in the drawer slides are from the injection molding workshop. In this part, the most important thing is the damper rod, the accuracy must reach the millimeter, and the service life is up to 150,000 times.
3. Precision processing workshop
High-quality drawer slides are inseparable from precision machining. The processing of drawer slides requires skilled workers with more than ten years of experience, fine grinding in precision machining workshops, and repeated trials to create a variety of molds.
4. Production assembly workshop
With the continuous development of science and technology, the realization of automated production has become one of the important signs of the reform and progress of many enterprises. The final step of the drawer slide is to assemble and assemble, and the machine replaces the labor, making the assembly more scientific and standardized.

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