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Drawer Slides Description:

Heavy duty full extension side mount locking drawer slide HA7613 that has load rating up to 227kg, is available in 50mm increments from 10 inches to 60 inches in length.

Locking Drawer Slides Points:


  1. Load rating: 500 lbs 227kg/pair 18 inches
  2. Extension: 100% full extension
  3. Side space: 19.1 mm(0.75 inches) side thickness
  4. Feature: 100% extension
  5. Drawing: 2D, CAD, 3D drawing offer for reference
  6. Material: hardened cold rolled steel
  7. High: 76 mm(3 inches)
  8. Steel plate thickness: 2.5*2.5*2.5 mm
  9. Mount: Side- or flat-mount

Locking Drawer Slides Details:

Latch drawer slides heavy duty

Locking function slides rails can help you keep the drawer more safety when your vehicle is moving.

2.5 mm thickness of the plate steel heavy duty drawer slides

2.5 mm thickness of the steel plate for three members make sure the drawer slides have a high loading rate.

ABS buff heavy duty drawer slides

Soundproof bumper, heavy duty slides runner come with these bumper which provide soft and quiet close.

Electrogalvanized locking drawer slides

Environmentally friendly electroplating, which make the drawer slides can past the 5% salty spray test for 48 hours.

3 sections heavy duty drawer slides

Three members, which can make the heavy duty slides rails can full extension, 100% extension of slides.

Ball bearing heavy drawer slides

Precision ball bearing, which make the telescopic drawer slides have the smooth and quiet movement.

Locking Drawer Slides Sizes:

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Sizes: 12inch, 14inch, 16inch, 18inch, 20inch, 22inch, 24inch, 26inch, 28inch, 30inch, 32inch, 34inch, 36inch, 38inch, 40inch, 42inch, 44inch, 46inch, 48inch, 50inch, 52inch, 54inch, 56inch, 58inch, 60inch. Other sizes like 72 inches locking heavy duty drawer slides even 80 inches locking heavy duty drawer slides, if you like, please contact us.

The drawing of locking drawer slides

Technical questions, we are experts.

Locking Drawer Slides Applications:

HA7613 Series up to 500 lb. full extension drawer slide lock in lock out .75(19mm) x 3.00(76mm), 12-60 inch lengths. (sold in pairs, no screws included).

Advise for the screws: M6 screws for outer member and M5 screws for inner member.

Ideal for use in drawers and trays within emergency vehicles, luxury RVs, heavy-duty storage, workstations, tool storage, RV vehicles, mobile carts, automotive, and overland trucks, as well as heavy-duty fixtures and appliances around the home.

Please refer to the video.

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