Heavy Duty Drawer Runners

Heavy Duty Drawer Runners to German

heavy duty drawer runners
heavy duty drawer runners

Today we send our 2 kinds of heavy duty drawer runners to German, for 115 kg loading rate, and 227 kg loading rate, locking also.

For the 115 kg weight rate drawer slides, 53 mm height, and the length can be from 12 inches to 60 inches.

For the 227 kg weight rate drawer slides, 76 mm height, and also the length can be from 12 inches to 60 inches. we have them in stock if you like to have some samples to test.

This time, Our Germany clients get all them from 16 inches to 60 inches, each size about 5-10 pairs, we also can offer them. We not only offer them drawer slides, but also do our best service to cooperate with every client to meet their needs, checking the shipping cost, helping them in design the logo, and so on.

Hope our clients love these heavy duty drawer runners, back to us again in the next time, as we help you all low the purchasing cost, and make more money.

Nick 2022.11.1

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