Heavy Duty Ball Bearing Samples Courier Charge

Heavy duty ball bearing slides samples courier charge

There is a lot of clients who see our products feel very interested, or the clients are doing the drawer slides industry. In order to express our company’s sincerity, we can provide clients with free samples. These samples also consume our raw material costs and human labor, so they also have some value. Our company eagerly hopes that the clients can bear the cost of the express delivery, otherwise everyone will come to the free samples, the cost of our company’s express delivery will not be able to afford. On the other hand, it is also a test of whether the clients really want to do business. And our company promises that regardless of the amount of orders you place, we will refund all the costs of the client’s samples in the order, including the cost of international express delivery. If a customer can’t afford the cost of this express delivery, I feel that the possibility of making a business is relatively small, and I would be paid less attention to this clients.
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