How To Be One Of The Great Drawer Slides Supplier In China

How important to find a drawer slides supplier in China
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If you find a good ball bearing drawer slide supplier, especially the drawer slides manufacturer, not only can all provide you with stable quality drawer slides rails, but also in the design of transportation and other convenient to give you better advice. It can effectively reduce your purchasing cost and avoid unnecessary high frequency of supplier replacement.

The following 6 important features are the reasons why HVPAL Hardware can be your slide rail supplier.


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HVPAL Hardware was founded in 2007 and has more than 15 years of experience in manufacturing slides, supplying slides, especially heavy duty industrial slides. As one of the great drawer slides supplier, we have sent the drawer slides to more than 150 companies worldwide. Imagine a company that can’t provide reliable and stable quality, a company can’t survive for such a long time. So you choose a supplier, you can examine how long the supplier has experience in this field, these can be verified with some information.


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In the process of design and production of drawer slide rails, we can provide you with not only CAD drawings, but also accurate 3D drawings. This can be more convenient for your design. And provide OEM slide rail with your own company logo, so the slide rail is more conducive to brand promotion. Especially for some special slides, we can customize the length, width, and material of the slides according to the needs of the slides to make the slides more in line with your specific needs.


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Before formal cooperation, we can provide you some samples for you to test the quality. In the process of external cooperation, we can provide you with production samples for confirmation, and you can even arrange a third-party inspection company to come to our factory for inspection. We have provided such services to many customers in Europe and the United States. We accept a small deposit to start production, and when the slide rail production is completed, we will provide pictures and videos of the production completion. We will treat all terms that are conducive to cooperation with certification.


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We stock a large number of models of slides in frequently used sizes. If the number of slide rails you need is relatively small, we suggest that you can try our slide rails now, and these slide rails are available for you to choose. Because redesign and production, especially the mold will not only consume a lot of energy, but also cost a lot of money.

We can also provide you with flexible and convenient transportation methods. If you need to get the products quickly, we can arrange air freight for you, and if you will use these slide rails after a certain period of time, we can suggest you to use shipping, which only requires less freight.

Effective Communicator

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We have our own sales representatives who have more than 5 years experience in slide rail sales, mainly communicate in English, and can provide almost 7*24 hours online service. No matter what time you send your request, we will reply you in the fastest time. You can get an immediate reply at the shortest time. It may be within 4 hours, which is already our longest reply time. Then mainly confirm the details of the communication by email to ensure the accuracy of the communication. If you have any needs, you can open our contact information.

Continuously Improve

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We are also constantly pursuing improvement. As a professional ball bearing drawer slides supplier, from providing CAD drawings at the beginning, to now providing accurate 3D drawings, from only providing slide rails, to helping to purchase other required hardware products, from only mail communication, to now not only mail Communication, to telephone communication, video calling, video conferencing. All of these are for the continuous improvement of communication efficiency with customers, and strive to provide customers with more value.


If you like to find a drawer slides supplier or ball bearing drawer slides manufactures in China, you can reach out to us, or just leave us your email, you can feel what we expressed.

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