Do you know how to install the ball bearing drawer slide?

How to install the ball bearing drawer slide
Many customers, after purchasing HVPAL  drawer slides, do not know how to use them correctly. they may use them, but they are not very standardized, so there are many problems in the process of use. For the drawer rails, we have to master the method of installation and dismantlement. If these operations are not in a good way, the quality of our furniture will be greatly reduced. I don’t think these are what we all want to see. So there are some methods for your reference.
45 mm width drawer slide

1. First determine the drawer clearance, according to the product drawing of the ball slide or the actual thickness of the slide rail, in order to reduce the thickness of the drawer rail by the width of the cabinet, the width of the drawer is obtained. In general, the material is 1.2. *The thickness of the three-section slide rail of 1.2*1.5 is 12.7mm, and we will recommend a gap of 13mm on one side as shown in the figure below to ensure the sliding of the slide rail is free. But not all of the 45-wide rails on the market are the same. Because we found that some manufacturers on the market use thinner materials, such as 1.0 or even 0.9mm, for the purpose of parity, ultimately leading to the overall thickness of the rails. Therefore, it is necessary to confirm with the manufacturer or the thickness of the actual product to obtain the final processing size, in order to ensure that the furniture drawer is pushed and pulled free.

The drawering fo the 45 mm width drawer slide


2. Select the length of the slide according to the length of the drawer, and determine the mounting hole of the screw on the drawer and the side panel of the cabinet. Set the screw hole according to the fixed rail (outer rail) given by the manufacturer’s drawings. All kinds of slide rails, basically the hole position of the steel ball slides produced by each manufacturer is different, so it should be processed according to the drawings of the manufacturer of the slide rails you purchased), or install the screw holes according to the actual sample volume. The demand for furniture factory can be used for the mechanical production of holes (some of the manufacturers’ holes are not 32 series holes, furniture factories need to pay attention). If the amount of personal use is small, it can be positioned by manually drawing a line-draw method. Care should be taken to ensure that the positioning is consistent up and down, otherwise, the sliding rails will not be smooth. As shown in the figure below, fix the screw mounting hole of the fixed rail to the side plate on the cabinet, and set the screw mounting hole of the movable rail to the drawer side panel.
3. After the hole is completed, pick up the slide rail and pull the slide clutch of the red circle of Figure 6 to pull out the movable rail (inner rail) and separate from the fixed rail (outer rail) to fix the two fixed rails. The outer rails are respectively screwed to the side plates of the cabinet according to the arranged holes, and then the two movable rails are respectively locked to the side plates on both sides of the drawer according to the arranged holes.
4. After completing the above steps, then align the ends of the movable rails (inner rails) on both sides of the drawer side plate with the ends of the fixed rails (middle rails), then gently push them inward, and you will hear gently. The sound of the card indicates that the active rail and the fixed rail portion have been linked, and the drawer can be pushed and pulled free.
5. If you want to remove the drawer, you can easily remove the drawer by pulling the clutch on both sides of the drawer in Figure 6.



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