Do you know how to check the quality of the ball bearing drawer slides?

How to check the quality of the ball bearing drawer slides?
Recently, during the communication with some guests, guests always get some quotations of the drawer slide from other factories to compare. Comparing prices is understandable, but be sure to understand where the real quality is.
Pay attention to the points when purchasing ball bearing drawer slide:

1. Appearance. When selecting the steel ball slide, pay attention to whether the appearance is rusted or bent. Because the material of the ball bearing drawer slide is galvanized or nickel-plated, if the quality of the plating is not good, it will easily rust.

No rust


2. Check if the rails can be stretched smoothly, and it is easy to open and close. Hold the outside of the rails and tilt it 45 degrees to see if the rails can slide smoothly. If the slide rails can all slide out, the smoothness is still very good.
Stretch smoothly
3. Look at the structure of the rails. Full extension ball bearing drawer slide rails, hold the inner rail and the outer rail with both hands, twist each other with a certain force and observe the degree of distortion of the slide rails. If the rails are very easily distorted, the quality of the rails is not very good. The smaller the skew and sway of the rail, the better.
4. Observe the thickness of the ball bearing rail material. From the outer google rail, middle rail to the inner rail, Hvpal hardware generally uses a thickness of 1.2mm*1.2mm*1.4mm and industrial drawer slide will be 2.0mm. Under normal circumstances, the steel ball slide rail that can reach this thickness is a very good quality slide rail. In order to save materials, some manufacturers use materials with relatively small thickness to reduce the cost of production. When selecting, you can take the slides of the same size and different brands to measure the weight. Generally, the slides with better quality are heavier.


2.0MM thickness


5. Check if the manufacturer has a third-party certification. If the SGS certificate, ROSH certificate, passes ISO9001. These certificates can also be used to explain the degree of quality control requirements of the manufacturer. Hvpal hardware SGS.



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