How to choose heavy duty drawer slides

How To Choose Heavy Duty Drawer Slides

When you like to choose heavy duty drawer slides, you will come up with: How to choose the heavy duty drawer slides? Which loading rating should I take? Hope this post can help you out.

choose heavy duty drawer slides

Heavy duty drawer slides are slide rails that can carry much higher weight. The most common heavy duty drawer slides are 125 kgs to 227 kgs load rating. In our daily use, 227 kg bearing capacity is more popular.

What are the differences between heavy-duty slide rails and regular slide rails?

The features of heavy duty drawer slides

1. the load capacity of heavy duty drawer slides can reach 227 kgs.
2. The length of the heavy-duty slide rail can be from 10 inches to 80 inches.
3. Heavy duty drawer slides are non-disconnected.
4. Heavy duty slide rail with locking function and without locking function can be chosen.
5. Full extension and 100% travel length of the heavy duty drawer slides.

115kg Precision Ball Bearing heavy duty drawer slides

Precision Ball Bearing

115kg Superior Load Capacity heavy duty drawer slides

Superior Load Capacity

115kg Product Dimensions heavy duty drawer slides

Product Dimensons

115kg Optimized Trigger heavy duty drawer slides

Optimized Trigger

115kg Longer Lifespan heavy duty drawer slides

Long Lofespan

115kg Soundproof Bumper heavy duty drawer slides

Soundproof Bummper

The features of the regular slide rail

1. load weight less than 100 kgs
2. the common size is relatively short, 6 inches to 32 inches
3. regular drawer slides can be disassembled so that the drawer slides can be easily installed.
4. Generally the regular drawer slides do not have a locking function.

How to choose heavy duty drawer slides

1. Make sure the range of the load rating.
2. Whether you need the locking function drawer slides.
When you use the locking heavy duty drawer slides, the drawer can be locked. This is very important when your drawer is using pulled out very often or the drawer is in a vehicle. The lock function can make sure the drawer is always locked when the car is moving so that this is safer for your traveling.
3. Any special request on the drawer slides traveling.
full extension heavy duty drawer slides or 100% travel drawer slides can make sure your drawer can be pulled out 100%, no drawer hidden in the cabinet. We also have over 100% travel drawer slides that can be customized.
4. The length of the drawer slides you like.
For the heavy-duty drawer slides, the length can be from 10 inches to 80 inches, but normally, the length from 10 inches to 60 inches of heavy-duty drawer slides are in stock. If you have any special length requests, maybe that length has to be customized.

What applications do use for heavy duty drawer slides?

Heavy duty drawer slides are ideal for heavy toolboxes that need to store solid pieces of equipment, modular drawers, and under tray drawer systems. This means that they are popular for projects on camper trailers, caravans, canopies, computer server storage access, electronic instrumentation chassis, heavy duty storage drawers, large pantry pull-outs, modular storage cabinets, recreational vehicle drawers, vehicle battery trays, and service truck tool drawers.

so this is how to choose the right heavy duty drawer slides rails, If you have any questions about the drawer slides, locking drawer slides, heavy duty drawer slides, or any drawer slide problems, you can contact me, and we will help you with my 100% effort. We have been in the drawer slides industrial for more than 15 years, and we have a lot drawer slides to be chosen.

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