How to buy products from China

How to buy products from china?

How to buy products from China? If you want to start a business on Amazon, or establish e-commerce elsewhere,  Like Ebay and Shopify, this should be your first question. Read the introduction below, you can definitely find the answer you want.

buy products from China

How to choose the products?

There are lots of products you can get from the website, Clothing and electronics and so on. What is the most popular now, what will the trend look like in the future, and can you make money? The following surveys will definitely help you.

When you on this website you can refer to the Amazon trends, you will find the Amazon Trend Report.After you check this report, you will get some products and also will popular in the next year.

choose right drawer slides

Aliexpress is also of Alibaba group products, main target North American and Russian-speaking countries. A lot products you can get from this website. Sometime you can get the trending this winter, help you get more items you like.

choose right drawer slides

Alibaba may be the most well-known website in the world, there are many Chinese suppliers on it for you to choose from. You can type into the search bar, you will get a ton of products, check and find out the ones you like.

choose right drawer slides

Pinterest is an image sharing and social media service designed to enable saving and discovery of information on the internet using images, and had over 478 million global monthly active users as of March 2021. You can refer to Pinterest Trends to get more image and trending products.

choose right drawer slides

How to choose the reliable supplier?

After you searching, you will find the right and trending products. how to choose reliable supplier?

How to choose the reliable supplier from Alibaba?

Put your keywords into the search bar, and then search, you will find lot of related products. Please check these products carefully, to find the ones meets your needs, then choose the right supplier.

Here some tips for you choose the reliable supplier from Alibaba:

Tips 1: Choose the supplier at least 3 years member on Alibaba. If the supplier is too small, it can’t withstand in 3 years.

Tips 2: get the price list as many as possible. You do not like the highest one or the lowest one at the same quality.

Tip 3:  get samples from at least 3 suppliers even through you have to pay for the shipping cost and have a check, find which one you like best, compared with the price and the quality. I don’t think the lowest one is good choice.

Tip 4: Please confirm the leading time of samples and mass products, plan ahead.

Tip 5: Please do not buy Iphone and Nike product in any platform, you know that must be fake, they have their own sell channels.

How to choose the reliable supplier from Made in China?

The similar way with Alibaba, you put the keywords into the search bar, and search, you will get many product showing to you.

Here are the tips for you choose the reliable supplier from Made in China

Tip 1: If you products are mechanical products, like packing machine, you will get a good supplier from Made in China.

Tip 2: send some inquiries to the supplier you like and discuss with them you need. As the machine is a big item, you can ask them send you reference products and confirm if they can produce it.

Tip 3: Trading companies and manufactures you will meet. Trading companies maybe good at communicating and servicing, but the manufactures have advantage in price. so you have to make a balance.

Tip 4: ask them if they have any project done in your country, if yes, you can have a check, and pay a visit, get more information about the supplier.

How to choose the reliable supplier from Global Resources?

You can register for a free member, and then search for your products on it. As the membership fee of Global is relatively expensive, there are not many suppliers.

Tip 1: If your product is related to gifts and electronic products, you can find better suppliers on it.

Tip 2: When you communicate, take the initiative to distinguish between traders and manufacturers, depending on your product.

Tip 3: If you have the opportunity, it is recommended to participate in their offline exhibitions to be more familiar with the suppliers.

How to choose the reliable supplier from Google?

he above three major B2B platforms are now the most popular platforms, because each platform has to charge a certain fee, which is equivalent to a third-party guarantee. It is precisely because of this cost that many suppliers choose to build their own websites.

Tip 1: Check the creation time of their website. In general, the longer the website is established, the more stable the supplier will be.

Tip2: Search for the name of the supplier company in a Google search to view their other information. For example, on social networks, check the company’s personnel and the time when the company’s personnel release products. If there is a real social network, and some information about him and the company can be seen in the social network in the past year or two, it means that the supplier is also relatively reliable.

Tip 3: Inquire about the supplier’s information in some import and export customs data. If there is information that has been exporting, it also shows that the supplier is relatively stable.

Tip 4: Ask the supplier if they can trade on Alibaba. If the supplier can trade on Alibaba, Alibaba is the third party to ensure the security of your transaction, so such a supplier is also very reliable.

Center mount

Side Mount Drawer Slides

The second is the side-mounted drawer slides. These side mounted slides come in pairs and are each mounted on the side of the drawer. This requires you to leave enough distance between the drawer and the cabinet, for example, we 45 kg load-bearing slides side mounted distance is 12.7 mm, 227 kg load-bearing slides side mounted distance is 19.2 mm. So choose side mounted drawer slides must pay attention to this distance.

side mount

Under mount drawer slides

The third is the drawer slides installed underneath. Bottom mounted slides also come in pairs, but they are attached to the bottom of the drawer.
Under mount drawer slides also ensure that you can’t see the slides when you open the drawer and are more aesthetically pleasing.


Extension Drawer Slides

How many drawers do you need to open? Generally there are 3 different options for drawer extensions, they are 3/4 extension, full extension and overtravel.

how to choose the drawer slidse

3/4 extension drawer slides

3/4 extension drawer slides are the typical choice for many office furniture. When the drawer is opened, 3/4 of the drawer is pulled out and 1/4 part remains inside the cabinet. This is an economical way to do it.

full extension drawer slides

When you use full extension slides, the drawers can extend to expose 100% of the drawer. This is sometimes called “100 percent extension”.

overtravel drawer slides

Overtravel slides are usually a custom-made slide. For example, with a 115% overtravel slide, the slide allows the drawer to be fully extended and then extended another 15% of the distance. These overtravel slides are also more expensive.

Drawer slides features

In addition to the above 3 points, you have to consider whether the slides need some functionality. For example, soft closed drawer slides, push to open drawer slides and bayonet drawer slides.

soft closed drawer slides

The soft closed drawer slides are when you close the slides, the drawer will eventually close very quietly and slowly by itself.

Push to open drawer slides

Push to open drawer slides are when you need to open the drawer, not pull the drawer by hand, but with a gentle push of the drawer, the drawer will automatically bounce open. Especially when your hands are occupied at the time, you can push the drawer with your knees, and then the drawer will open automatically.

Bayonet slides are usually used on metal drawers, and the slides are installed using snaps instead of screws.

Referring to the above 4 points can help you choose right drawer slides.

If you still have any questions, you can also refer to how to choose the drawer slides. or send your questions to us.

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