24 inch Customized bayonet medium duty slides to Indonesia-20231113

medium duty slides
bayonet drawer slides
drawer slides loading container
drawer slides container
  1. Drawer slides name: medium duty slides
  2. Destination: Indonesia
  3. Quantity: 5000 pairs
  4. Trade term: FOB
  5. State: For 2o feet 24-inch bayonet medium duty drawer slides ball bearing, a total of about 5000 pairs were sent today. You can check from the images that we packed them on pallets, as the drawer slides are very heavy and it’s about 1200 kg for one pallet. This packing can make the loading and taking out of the container very easy while you put them out using the forklift.
  6. For medium slides, this can withstand about 65 kg loading rate when the drawer slide length is 18 inches. The longer the drawer slide is, the lower the loading rate will be. Then these 24-inch drawer slides will load about 45 kg weight. Also, we have to consider the usage. The more you push and pull out of the drawer, the less the drawer slides can hold.
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