56 inch heavy duty slides 500 lbs locking slides to Indonesia- 20231103

heavy duty slides 500 lbs
7613 locking slide
  1. Drawer slides name: 56 inch heavy duty slides 500 lbs locking slides
  2. Destination: Indonesia
  3. Quantity: 2 pairs
  4. Trade term: DAP
  5. State: This client found our company from the website and asked about the drawer slides inquiry. These 56 inch heavy duty slides 500 lbs have a heavy duty and locking function, this can make the drawer slides and cabinet safer. These drawer slides are made of 2.5 mm thickness of cold rolled steel plate, this makes these drawer slides have a great heavy duty loading rate, when its length is about 18 inches, the test loading is about 500 lbs. this can meet nearly all the needs for the drawer slides. Also we have these drawer slides in stock, after the clients finish the payment, we send them out to the clint in about 2 days, also can be tracked on the website. Hope these drawer slides are the ones you are looking for. 
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