Non-locking ball bearing heavy duty slide rails to Australia-20230922

heavy duty slide rails
heavy duty drawer slides
adjustable toggle latch
  1. Drawer slides name: 650 mm heavy duty slide rails
  2. Destination: Australia
  3. Quantity: 1 pair
  4. State: I would like to record that this shipment was not only because the customer purchased samples of our heavy duty slide rails, but we also provided the customer with accessory services to find the product he needed-adjustable toggle latch. We are now not only selling our drawer slides, but also providing high-quality service, especially when the customer has a lot of different product needs, we can help the customer to source the products in China, and then together with our products to the customer. This will be more convenient if all the items are shipped together, at the same time can also give the customer to save time, is a win-win result for each other.
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