Ball being non-locking heavy duty drawer slides 2000mm to Canada - 20230927

heavy duty drawer slides 2000mm
ball bearing heavy duty drawer slides 2000mm
6 non locking drawer slides
side mounting heavy duty drawer slides 2000mm
  1. Drawer slides name: heavy duty drawer slides 2000mm
  2. Destination: Canada
  3. Quantity: 372 pairs
  4. Trade term: EXW
  5. State: This shipment has many long drawer slides, such as 60 inch drawer slides, 72 inch heavy duty drawer slides, and 80 inch heavy duty drawer slides. All these drawer slides are packed on 3 pallets, and shipped by sea to Canada.  We also take the packaging of the rails for shipment very seriously. Because these are heavy-duty slide rails, and the length is also longer slide rails, the weight of each pair of slide rails is very heavy, and many have exceeded the length of the pallet. We use the pallet, then wrapped with winding film, and then reinforced with packing tape, to ensure the safety of the product in the process of transportation, will not be affected by moisture, and will not rain, or rust.
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