10 pairs of customize bayonet drawer slides to India - 20240222

10 pairs of customize bayonet drawer slides to India
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  1. Drawer slides name: 10 pairs of customized bayonet drawer slides 
  2. Destination: Germany
  3. Quantity: 10 pairs
  4. Trade term: EXW
  5. Length: 10 pairs of drawer slide samples that were sent to India are 20 inch long. These drawer slides are produced by clients’ drawings. The drawer slides are not the same drawer slides as our stock ones. The size pocket and bayonet are different. As these drawer slides will use for their tool box, have to make sure to suit the toolbox size. so produce 10 pairs first and have the test.
  6. Full extension: 20 inches full extension drawer slides for bayonet style. The full extension drawer slides are good for the toolboxes. 

  7. These drawer slides samples were shipped by DHL paid from the client as we produce the drawer slides for them for free.

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