ball bearing bayonet mounting tool box drawer slides to Russian - 20231025

tool box drawer slides
tool box drawer slides ball beairng paacking
tool box drawer slides bayonet slides
bayonet drawer slides
  1. Drawer slides name: tool box drawer slides
  2. Destination: RU
  3. Quantity: 16000 pairs
  4. Trade term: FOB
  5. State: The slides in this shipment today are for toolbox drawer use. This is the fifth time we export slides to Russia.
  6. The goods exported to Russia have a characteristic, due to the geographical location of Russia, most of them have to use railroad transportation, so these several times export are railroad transportation. Container rail transportation has weight limitations, 20-inch small containers limit the weight in 23 tons tons slide rail. In addition there are strict requirements for the way the container is loaded. First of all each pallet should be fixed at the bottom of the container, can not be moved, because in the process of train movement, if the pallet to move, the container and the train will have the risk of overturning. Secondly, near the door of the container, it should be fixed with straps to prevent the danger of the cargo point falling down when opening the door. Nowadays, China’s export direction has been emphasized in the direction of one generation and one road, and Russia is a very important country in the one belt and one road.
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