400 mm ball bearing furniture drawer slides rails to the United Kingdom - 20231010

drawer slides rails
cabinet drawer slide 4503
  1. Drawer slides name: furniture drawer slides rails
  2. Destination: The United Kingdom
  3. Quantity: 3000 pairs
  4. Trade term: DAP
  5. State: Today we shipped 3000 sets of custom-made drawer slide rails to our clients in the UK. This is the first time we have produced this specific size of drawer slide rails for them, and we designed them according to their requested hole pattern and diameter specifications, as confirmed in the drawing. These drawer slides are commonly used in furniture and some toolboxes. For 45mm drawer slides, various sizes and materials are available for the rails. Some steel plates have a thickness of 1.2 mm, while others have a thickness of 1.0 mm. Some may even use a 0.8 mm thickness of steel material. The loading rate depends on the raw material used. If you require high-quality and higher-loading capacity drawer slides, thicker steel plates should be used. Our drawer slides are of high quality. If you require testing, kindly contact me.
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