Ball bearing 36 inch locking drawer slides to Germany - 20240314

36 inch locking drawer slides
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  1. Drawer slides name: 36 inch locking drawer slides to Germany
  2. Destination: Germany
  3. Quantity: 200 pairs
  4. Trade term: EXW
  5. Full Extension: These drawer slides offer a full extension feature, meaning that the drawer can be pulled out to the full length of the slides without any restriction. The closed length and the travel length are both 36 inches, allowing for complete access to the drawer’s contents.

  6. Right Locking Mechanism: The drawer slides are equipped with a right-side locking mechanism. This design choice is aimed at reducing costs while still providing a secure locking function to prevent the drawer from opening unintentionally.

  7. Heavy Duty Capacity: With a substantial loading rate of approximately 500 pounds, these drawer slides are classified as heavy duty. They are capable of supporting a significant amount of weight, making them suitable for storage solutions that require holding heavy items or tools.

    These features make the drawer slides highly functional for various applications, from industrial settings to home use, where full access and heavy load capacity are essential. The right locking mechanism adds an extra layer of security and cost-effectiveness to the design.

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