Side mounting 32 inch heavy duty drawer slides to Germany - 20231123

32 inch heavy duty drawer slides
drawer slides wholesale
  1. Drawer slides name: 32 inch heavy duty drawer slides
  2. Destination: Germany
  3. Quantity: 10 pairs
  4. Trade term: DAP
  5. State: This shipment of 32 inch heavy duty slides are metric length slides. In terms of length, metric and imperial have this slightly different production, in imperial length 32 inches, is about metric length 812.8 mm, sometimes in China 32 inches length will be 800 mm.
  6. This time we also according to the customer’s request, all use the metric length, 32 inches is 800 millimeters in length. In fact, we have 32 inches of imperial length slides in stock, but in order to meet the special requirements of the guests, we have re-produced the metric length slides.
  7. We can customize different slides for different customer requirements, especially in the field of heavy duty slides. We can customize the length of the slides, the size of the slides’ holes, the slides’ logos and the packaging.
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