locking 26 inch heavy duty drawer slides to Norway - 20231122

26 inch heavy duty drawer slides
locking heavy duty drawer slides
  1. Drawer slides name: 26 inch heavy duty drawer slides
  2. Destination: Norway
  3. Quantity: 9 pairs
  4. Trade term: DAP
  5. State: In this case, 26 inch heavy duty drawer slides, the slides are designed to accommodate drawers that are 26 inches in depth. Heavy-duty drawer slides are built to withstand significant weight and are suitable for heavy-duty applications. Moreover, the drawer slides can extend and close smoothly while bearing a heavy load.
  6. The customer contacted me through this website, and through our communication, I learned that the customer needed some heavy-duty drawer slides for modifying a vehicle, especially a heavy-duty slide with a length of 72 inches. After searching online for a long time, the customer finally discovered our company. Fortunately, we had the 72-inch drawer slides in stock as a standard product, and it could easily meet the customer’s requirements. We quickly reached an agreement, and after finalizing the details, the customer made the payment. Within three days, we expedited the shipment of the drawer slides to the customer and provided a tracking number. It was a very pleasant cooperation overall.
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