Ball bearing 18 inch heavy duty drawer slides the US - 20240313

18 inch heavy duty drawer slides
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  1. Drawer slides name: 18 inch heavy duty drawer slides
  2. Destination: the US
  3. Quantity: 200 pairs
  4. Trade term: DAP
  5. Length: The slide rail is 18 inches long, providing a substantial sliding distance for various applications.
  6. Load Capacity: It can support a weight of up to 115 kilograms, making it suitable for heavy-duty usage.
  7. Material Quality: The slide rail is made from high-quality Q235B steel, ensuring durability and strength.
  8. Steel Plate Thickness: With a thickness of 2.0mm, the steel plate offers robustness and stability to the slide rail structure.
  9. This type of heavy duty drawer slide is typically used in environments that require strong support and smooth movement for heavy objects. Its construction allows for reliable performance in industrial or commercial settings.
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