16 inch heavy duty drawer slides to The United Arab Emirates-20231130

16 inch heavy duty drawer slides
6 non locking drawer slides
  1. Drawer slides name: 16 inch heavy duty drawer slides
  2. Destination: The United Arab Emirates
  3. Quantity: 50 pairs
  4. Trade term: DAP
  5. State: This time we shipped our 16 inch heavy duty drawer slides to the United Arab Emirates. 16 inch full extension drawer slides can hold more than 227 kg.100% the extension make sure you can pull your whole drawer out of the cabinet, easy for you pick up the goods. Ball bearing make sure the drawer can move very smoothly when it carry a lot of weight. 
  6. Please check the pallet of the drawer slides, we also put our logo on it make sure the drawer slides can be found easily. Pallet shipping can make sure all the drawer slides in safety situation, no broken drawer slides and also the carton. That’s we did for our clients.
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