Full extension ball bearing 14 inch heavy duty drawer slides to US - 20231115

14 inch heavy duty drawer slides
locking heavy duty drawer slides
  1. Drawer slides name: 14 inch heavy duty drawer slides
  2. Destination: US
  3. Quantity: 1500 pairs
  4. Trade term: DAP
  5. State: This is the 3rd time sending these 14 inch full extension drawer slides for this same client. We deal and sell the drawer slides not for a short time, we like to keep a long relationship.
  6. 14 inch ball bearing drawer slides are the drawer slides designed to accommodate drawers that are 14 inches deep. Ball bearing slides use small steel balls to facilitate the movement of the drawer, providing a smoother, quieter operation, and increased durability compared to other types of drawer slides. Now these ball being drawer slides are the most popular slides for use with all these features. 14 inch dresser drawer slides with 19.1 mm side space and 2.0 mm cold rolled steel plate as the raw material, making these drawer slides hold about 125 kg of weight, and also can pass the test of 20000 time push and pull.
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