5000 pairs of 12 inch soft close drawer slides to Russian-20231027

12 inch drawer slides soft close
45 soft close slide
12 inch soft close drawer slides 1
12 inch soft close drawer slides
  1. Drawer slides name: 12 inch soft close drawer slides
  2. Destination: Russian
  3. Quantity: 5000 pairs
  4. Trade term: EXW
  5. The most functional feature of 12 inch soft close drawer slides is that they can be closed very softly. You use the soft close drawer slides on the cabinet, when you close the drawer with force, the thumping noise between the drawer and the cabinet doesn’t happen back and affect your experience. But this soft close slide can not be used in particularly deep drawers, if the length of the slide rail is more than 600mm, the effect of this soft close will be very poor thus affecting the experience.
  6. In accordance with the requirements of the guests, this shipment of 5000 pairs soft close drawer slides divided into two shippments goods, a batch of air transport shipments, the guests are more urgent to use, and another batch of railroad transportation, which has become the most important mode of transportation of Chinese goods exported to Russia.
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