heavy duty drawer rails Ball Bearing Full Extension to Germany - 20240423

heavy duty drawer rails
custom drawer slides latch color
  1. Drawer slides name: heavy duty drawer rails 
  2. Destination: Germany
  3. Quantity: 100 pairs
  4. Trade term: DDP
  5. Length: 14 inch
  6. Full pull-out length: 14 inch
  7. Drawer slides material: cold rolled steel Q235B
  8. Load capacity: 500 LBS
  9. Install distance(each side): 19.1 mm
  10. Slide lock: These drawer slides are non lock drawer slides.
  11. Product width: 76 mm

How to check the quality of the drawer slides? First, to check the thickness of the steel plate. These 76 mm drawer slides use 2.5 mm thickness steel plate for the drawer slides rial and for all the three member, inner member 2.5 mm thickness and middle member 2.5 mm and outer member is also 2.5 mm. Second point, about the test for 5% salt spray test. these 76 mm drawer slides rails can pass 48 hours, and not rusted. Third point, these 3 sections drawer slides can offer you a full extension drawer slides, you can pull the drawer 100% out. Fourth point is about the loading rate. These 2.5 mm thickness of the steel plate ball bearing drawer slides can withstand 227 kg weight when the length is 18 inch.

If you have any questions about these heavy duty drawer rials, please let me know.

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