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  1. Drawer slides name: Ball bearing 20 inch bayonet drawer slides 
  2. Destination: The Russian
  3. Quantity: 8000 pairs
  4. Trade term: FOB
  5. Length: 550 mm
  6. Full pull-out length: 550 mm
  7. Drawer slides material: cold rolled steel Q235B
  8. Load capacity: 100 LBS
  9. Install distance(each side): 12.7 mm
  10. Slide lock: no locking function
  11. Product width: 45 mm

Q: What are the bayonet drawer slides?

A: Bayonet drawer slides, also known as bayonet slides rails or bayonet drawer runners, are mechanical devices used to allow drawers to slide in and out smoothly. They are characterized by bayonet mounting(pocket and inset device) and usually feature a straightforward, robust interlocking system for easy installation and removal. These bayonet drawer sides don’t need use the screws to fix them to the drawer and cabinet, you just push and pull the drawer slides install and take them apart.

Q: Why to using the bayonet drawer slides?

A: The great advantage is the Ease of Installation and Removal. Do not need the tool to fix the drawer slides. Especially for the tool box, which need a lot of drawer slides to fix. so this will safe a lot of time and workers. But one point is that you have to make sure all the size is fit to your size. As the different bayonet can’t meet the different pocket. It’s better to get one samples for the testing.

If you have any questions 20 inch about bayonet drawer slides, please let me know.

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