Custom Bayonet Drawer Slides Rails

Custom 35 mm SUS 304 Bayonet Drawer Slides Rails As You Needs

35 bayonet drawer slides
bayonet drawer slides rails

Today we talk about the bayonet drawer slides rails system. As the images show, they have a gear in the drawer slides, these drawer slides are we custom for our clients, the gear size and the gear position are designed by the request.

All the drawer slides system has two mounting pattens. One is side mounting by screws, the other one is the bayonet mount drawer slides system. For the using screws mounting, most use for the wooden drawer and cabinet. But the bayonet drawer slides runner mounting system is not use screws, this can be installed the drawer slides by push and pulling the drawers.

But the most shortcoming of the bayonet mounting system is not all the size of the bayonet same size. If you buy these bayonet drawer slides from one manufacturer, it’s different with the one from other supplier.

So when you buy this drawer slides, you should confirm the drawing first and then you can have a sample for test. otherwise, you can custom the drawer slides as your request.

If you have any request about these bayonet drawer slide channel, you can let me know.

Nick 2023.01.12

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