Ball bearing drawer slides samples charges

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The ball bearing drawer slides sample fee is the best way to express your strength and your sincerity.
Our company now offers free ball bearing drawer slides samples (except for special styles), as our company has two warehouses in Shanghai and has a regular inventory. If the samples you need are in stock, we can provide them for free, and the efficiency will be very high, but the guests have to bear the cost of the courier.
If the guest can’t afford the courier, then I only say sorry.
First, the ball bearing drawer slides sample is not in great need.
Second, our ball bearing drawer slides sample is also our input cost, and the same guests need to invest money.
Third, if you can pay the cost and time, you will feel that such customers are more precious, and we will cherish it more.
Finally, if you really can’t afford it or have any question, we need communication to solve the problem.
I hope that the ball bearing drawer slides samples we provide will be recognized by the guests.
In the end, the sample can bring orders to the guests and bring profits.
What we are pursuing is a win-win situation for both parties.

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