Ball Bearing Drawer Slides Loading capacity test

Ball Bearing Drawer Slides Loading capacity test:
Ball Bearing Drawer Slides

Whether you’re mounting drawers in a cozy office or a noisy production floor, knowing the details can help you pick the right slide. Decide ahead of time what the drawer will be for to ensure the right rating. Think about who will be using the drawer and what their needs might be to select the features that will best address your needs. And be sure to check if any additional drawer hardware is needed to get the right fit and the right look at the right price.

Supplier always gives a maximum load rating for their ball bearing drawer slides. The weight listed is a gross weight that accounts for the drawer construction materials and the contents inside. This number indicates the maximum load that a pair of slides can carry if mounted as instructed and doesn’t exceed the recommended number of cycles(A cycle is one complete open/close of a drawer.

A load rating is the result of a dynamic test in which ball bearing drawer slides are attached to a drawer in a test fixture and cycled in and out a pre-determined number of times. Different cycle rates are used depending on the type of ball bearing drawer slides and expectations within the application. For applications in the industrial and electronic market, Hvpal tests them between 2,000 and 10,000 cycles, and for ball bearing drawer slides in our cabinet and hardware market, we cycle the slides between 50,000 and 75,000 times.

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