1.What does the length listed refer to?
The length noted will be the length of the slide when it is completely closed. You will need a minimum of this amount of space in your cabinet in order to mount the slide.
2.What is meant by extension?
This refers to how much of the slide will pull out or how much travel distance the slide is capable of. A full extension slide will extend out the full amount of the length of the slide (as example: a 20″ long slide will come out 20″). A 3/4 extension slide will extend 3/4ths of the length of the slide (as example: a 20″ slide will come out 16″).
3.What is over-travel?
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Over travel drawer slide
This means that a slide will pull out or travel beyond a full extension (as example: a 20″ long slide, with 1″ of over-travel will pull out 21″).
4.How are load ratings calculated?
Manufacturers test their slides according to industry standards for how much weight they are capable of carrying. Tests are typically based at an 18″ extension and 50,000 to 75,000 cycles of moving the drawer in and out. Ratings include a 100% static load safety factor (this means the slide will always be able to hold a minimum of the load rating in any position when the slide is stationary).
5.What does the term disconnect refer to?
This refers to how the parts of the slide come apart. Half of a slide will attach to the cabinet, the other half will attach to the drawer. If you want to remove a drawer to clean you will need to disconnect the drawer half from the cabinet half of the slide in order that the drawer can be removed from the cabinet. Different groups of slides will have different types of disconnect features for removing one half from the other. Some slides may have no disconnect feature.
6.What is side space?
This refers to how thick the slide is. A slide that mounts on the sides of the drawer will take up this much space on each side. The side space is the minimal amount of space you will need to allow on each side of the drawer when laying out your cabinet design.
7.What does a 32mm hole pattern feature refer to?
Many of the ball bearing slides offer this feature. It refers to the placement of the screws holes used to mount the slides. A 32 mm hole pattern has the screw holes placed 32 millimeters apart on center.

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