Ball bearing drawer slide: how to choose? The second fact: Mount

Ball bearing drawer slide: how to choose?
The second fact: Mount
How will your glide be mounted to your drawer? There are three options to consider, each with their own highlights and drawbacks.
1.Center mount
The first and most basic is the center mount. A center mount is affixed underneath the drawer. It is a single slide that is centered along the bottom. Since the slide is underneath the drawer, these kinds of mounts cannot be seen when the drawer is open. This is good if you would like to highlight your wood cabinetry. They are also frequently a more economical choice. However, center mounts will typically have a lighter weight rating, which may not be the right choice for a drawer that will be holding heavier items.

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2.Side mount
You can also choose side mounts. These come in pairs, each being mounted on the drawer sides. These will require a clearance (usually about 1/2 inch) between the drawer and the cabinet opening. Side mounts will be able to carry a heavier weight than the center mounts but will be visible when the drawer is open.

3.Under mount
Under mount slides also come in pairs, but these attach to the underside of the drawer. These are a good choice if you would like to accommodate a heavier load, but do not want unsightly hardware on your drawer sides. Under mounts are becoming a very popular industry choice, though maybe a little costlier as well.

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