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For more than 15 years experience in a drawer slides manufacturer, taking care of the raw materials, production process, product inspection, and delivery, offering top quality in products and communication.

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As one of the leading drawer slides wholesale in China, drawer slides loading rate from 30 LBS to 1000 LBS, HVPAL Hardware have them in stock. Drawer slides can be sent out in 1 days as fast as after confirming your order.


HVPAL Hardware can offer you OEM and ODM service. From the CAD drawing to 2D/3D drawing, every detail you can check and customized the drawer slides as you like. Also can custom your logo and your drawer slides.

Affordable Price

Price is one main fact but not only the fact. HVPAL price maybe not the lowest one, but after comparing to the quality and service, Samples you can test firstly, HVPAL hardware will be your best drawer slides supplier.

General applications for drawer slides

drawer slides application RV drawer slides

RV drawer slides

Drawer slides play a crucial role in ensuring the smooth and secure operation of drawers and storage compartments in RVs. The locking feature ensures that the drawer will not be opened during the vehicle’s movement. Safety is always the most important thing.

Full extension drawer slides allow a drawer to be fully extended from its closed position, providing easy access to the entire contents of the drawer. 

drawer slides applications fire truck drawer slides

Fire Truck Drawer Slide​

Drawer slides for fire trucks need to be robust and heavy-duty to withstand the unique conditions faced by emergency vehicles, such as vibrations during rapid responses and potential impacts. Fire trucks are exposed to various environmental conditions, including water and chemicals. Drawer slides should be made from materials that resist corrosion to ensure long-term durability.

drawer slides application tool box

Tool Box Drawer Slides​

Sturdy construction ensures that the slides can withstand the weight and wear associated with frequent use.

Easy installation features can save time and effort during the setup or replacement of drawer slides.

A quick release mechanism allows for easy removal of drawers when necessary, such as for cleaning or reorganization

drawer slides applications fridge drawer slides

Fridge drawer slides

Fridge drawer slides are designed to offer a smooth gliding mechanism, ensuring that drawers or shelves can be opened and closed effortlessly. This is essential for easy access to stored items and for providing a user-friendly experience.

Sturdy construction and a high weight capacity ensure the longevity and reliability of the slides.

drawer slides application Medical equipment drawer slides

medical equipment drawer slides

Medical professionals need to access equipment quickly and efficiently without causing disturbances. Quality drawer slides contribute to a quiet and seamless user experience.

Full extension drawer slides allowing healthcare professionals to access the entire contents of the drawer easily. It’s crucial for quick retrieval of necessary tools and supplies, especially in emergency situations.

drawer slides application machine tools drawer slides

machine tools drawer slides

Machine tools drawer slides with a high load capacity to support the weight of various machines.
Precision is critical in a machine shop. Drawer slides should provide smooth and accurate movement to ensure easy access to tools and accessories without any play or wobbling.

Different machine may require different storage solutions. Customizable drawer slides, in terms of size and configuration.

drawer slides application industrial drawer slides

Industrial drawer slides

Many industrial drawer slides use ball bearing mechanisms to ensure smooth and consistent movement. Ball bearings reduce friction, allowing for easy opening and closing of drawers even when loaded with heavy items.

Drawer slides should be able to withstand temperature variations without compromising their structural integrity or smooth operation.

drawer slides application filing cabinets drawer slides

filing cabinets drawer slides

Filing cabinets drawer slides are built to be durable and withstand the daily wear and tear associated with office use. Durability ensures that the drawer slides can endure frequent opening and closing, contributing to the longevity of the filing cabinet.

Easy installation feature is beneficial for both manufacturers during assembly and for users who may need to replace or upgrade drawer slides in existing cabinets.

Why choose HVPAL as your drawer slides supplier

As one of the top drawer slides wholesale in China, our telescopic drawer slides have passed REACH, ROSH, 72-hour salt spray testthe SGS, UL, and other approvals, and we have more than 15 years of experience in producing drawer slides, especial in locking drawer runners, locking heavy duty drawer slides. From 10 inches in length to 60 inches drawer slide rails, we have them all in stock, we can meet your needs and send you samples in a fast time.

Cheap Price

You will get the cheap price with 12 hours after your mails from HVPAL drawer slides manufacturer, no matter on holiday or not, to help you make more benefits.

Fast Quotation

The quotation can be get in about 12 house or even less after confirm your information, including the unit price and shipping cost by air and by sea.

Great Support

The staff you interface with are experienced and certified in their English language skills, and most importantly, have rich experience in drawer slides.


You can customize your logo, customize your carton, customize the drawer slides color, customize the latch color. Reasonable according to your requirements.

Help you custom drawer slides

HVPAL hardware does not just offer our standard drawer slides but also helps you build your brand drawer slides, such as drawer slide material, and drawer slide color …

custom drawer slides material 340 stainless steel

Custom Material

As one professional custom cabinet drawer slides manufacture, we can offer all kinds of raw materials for the drawer slides, such as Q235B steel plate and 304 stainless steel.

custom drawer slides color

Custom Color

About the color of the whole sale drawer slides, we have black and silver color for your choose. please choose the right drawer slides color for your applications.

custom drawer slides finish

Custom Finish

HVPAL hardware is one leading drawer slides company concerned about drawer slides’ appearance treatment. Electro zinc plate and blue passivate are the perfect finishing for the drawer runners.

custom drawer slides loading

Custom Loading

The loading rate of the drawer slide depends on the material and the way it is used. Our drawer slides load capacity can from 15 kg to 1000 kg.

custom drawer slides material 340 stainless steel

Custom Extension

HVPAL drawer glides mainly have 3 extensions, 3/4 extension, full extension and over travel. If you have any special travel demand, we can custom the extension.

custom drawer slides material 340 stainless steel

Custom Latch Bar

As one professional custom cabinet drawer slides manufacture, we can offer all kinds of the raw material for the drawer slides, such as Q235B steel plate and 304 stainless steel.

custom drawer slides material 340 stainless steel

Custom Mounting

As one professional custom cabinet drawer slides manufacture, we can offer all kinds of the raw material for the drawer slides, such as Q235B steel plate and 304 stainless steel.

custom drawer slides material 340 stainless steel

Custom Logo

As one professional custom cabinet drawer slides manufacture, we can offer all kinds of the raw material for the drawer slides, such as Q235B steel plate and 304 stainless steel.

Your reliable ball bearing drawer slides supplier

advanced drawer slides machine

advanced drawer slides machine

  • Advanced machines are equipped with high-precision components and advanced technology, ensuring the production of drawer slides with consistent quality and precise dimensions.
  • Advanced drawer slides machines can result in higher output and faster production.
  • Modern drawer slides ensuring that each drawer slide meets the required standards and specifications.

Precision drawer slides molds

  • Precision drawer slides molds ensure the accurate reproduction of intricate details and specifications.
  • Precision drawer slides molds contribute to achieving a smooth and high-quality surface finish on the drawer slides.
  • Precision drawer slides molds allow for the production of drawer slides with tight tolerances, ensuring that each component fits precisely.
Precision drawer slides molds
Employee Spirit for Excellence

Employee Spirit for Excellence

  • Employees who are motivated by a spirit for excellence tend to be more engaged and committed to their work.
  • A culture of excellence encourages employees to take pride in their work and strive for high-quality output.
  • Employees with a spirit of excellence are more likely to seek innovative solutions and think creatively about their tasks.

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locking drawer slides clients sh 1
locking drawer slides clients GE

All about drawer slides technical terms

Ball bearing drawer slides are components used in furniture and cabinetry to facilitate the smooth and easy movement of drawers. These slides consist of two parts: a stationary outer member (usually mounted to the cabinet) and a moving inner member (attached to the drawer). Between these two members are small steel balls, which serve as rolling elements to reduce friction and ensure smooth sliding motion.

Here’s how ball bearing drawer slides typically work:

Outer Member (Fixed): This part is mounted inside the cabinet or furniture frame. It remains stationary and provides a stable base for the inner member.

Inner Member (Moving): This part is attached to the side of the drawer. It is equipped with a set of ball bearings or ball races that fit into corresponding grooves or channels on the outer member.

Ball Bearings: The small steel balls are arranged in rows within the channels, allowing the inner member to roll smoothly along the outer member. The ball bearings reduce friction, making it easier to open and close the drawer.

  1. Close length: The close length refer to the length when the drawer slides fully closed, how much the length of the drawer slides. Also this can be choose as the depth of the cabinet. For example, if the depth of your cabinet is 16 inch, you can choose the 16 inch close length drawer slides for your drawer.
  2. Travel length: Travel length is the total distance that a drawer slide or a moving part can cover. It represents the range of motion from the closed position to the fully extended position.
  3. Loading rate: refers to the weight-bearing capacity or load-carrying capability of the slide. It indicates the maximum weight that the slide can support without compromising its functionality.
  4. Full extension: Full extension means that the drawer slide allows the drawer or moving part to fully extend, providing access to the entire length of the slide. This feature is beneficial for maximizing the usable space within a drawer or cabinet. If the drawer slides are the full extension drawer slides, the close length is the same as the travel length.
  5. Locking function: The locking function refers to a mechanism in the drawer slide that can secure the drawer in a closed or open position, preventing unintended movement. This feature is useful for stability and safety. It also call lock in lock out function.
  6. Side space: Side space refers to the clearance or gap required on each side of the drawer to accommodate the installation of the drawer slide. It ensures that the slide can function properly without interference. Some side space like 12.7 mm and 19.2 mm. It also have some special side space.
  7. Disconnect: Disconnect refers to the ability to easily separate the two parts of a drawer slide, typically the drawer member and the cabinet member. This feature facilitates the removal or installation of the drawer.
  8. Detent: Holds the drawer slides open or closed until extra force is applied to overcome the detent. This device prevents the drawer from opening automatically.
  9. side mounting: Side mounting refers to the installation of the drawer slide on the side of the drawer or the side of the cabinet. This is a common configuration for many drawer slide systems.
  10. Salt spray test: The salt spray test is a corrosion resistance test conducted in a controlled environment where a product, such as a drawer slide, is exposed to a salt spray or fog. This test helps evaluate the product’s ability to withstand corrosion in harsh conditions. Drawer slides salt spray test using 5% salt or fog for 48 hours.
  1. Weight of the drawer. You should estimate how much weight the drawer should carry, also include the weight of the drawer. Whether it’s a static load bearing or a dynamic load bearing, you need to anticipate a maximum value for the load. If you like the carry about 100 kgs weight, you should make sure the drawer slides can hold more than 100 kg.
  2. Side space available between the drawer and the cabinet. When you design the drawer you should take this point to your consideration. As the more weight you need, the more large side space you need.
  3. Heigh, width, and depth of the drawer. All these factors refer to the size of the drawer slides. The drawer heigh should more than the drawer slides heigh, the width of the drawer will fact the loading capacity of the drawer slides, and the depth of the drawer is the size or the length of the drawer slides.
  4. Travel desired. Some drawer slides can be 100% travel length of the drawer slides, that are the full extension drawer slides, some drawer slides only 75% travel length of the drawer slides, some drawer slides can be over travel length drawer slides. You should choose the right one for your drawer.
  5. Disconnect of the drawer needed. Disconnect drawer slides arrow you take apart the drawer slides when you install the drawer slides. Some of the drawer slides can’t take apart. Especially for for the heavy heavy duty drawer slides, there are the non-disconnect drawer slides.
  6. Lock function need. Locking function can make sure the drawer not open, especially in the moving drawer, like in the car, VR drawer. The locking drawer slides are the safe choice.
  7. Mounting holes. For the furniture drawer, wood drawer can use the screws in any place. But if the tool box drawer which made of steel plate you should choose the right mounting holes of the drawer slides.

Drawer slides are categorized based on various characteristics, and these categories help you choose the right drawer slides for your specific needs. Here are some common ways in which drawer slides are categorized:

1. Mounting Position:

> Side-Mounted Slides: Installed on the sides of the drawer and the sides of the cabinet.
> Bottom-Mounted Slides: Installed under the drawer and along the bottom edge.
2. Extension Type:

> Full Extension Slides: Allow the drawer to fully extend, providing access to the entire length of the slide.
> Partial Extension Slides: Allow the drawer to partially extend, providing access to only a portion of the slide.
3. Load Capacity:

> Light-Duty Slides: Designed for lighter loads and smaller drawers.
> Medium-Duty Slides: Suitable for moderate loads and average-sized drawers.
> Heavy-Duty Slides: Designed to handle heavier loads and larger drawers.

4. Steel Slides: Made of steel, providing durability and strength.
> Aluminum Slides: Lightweight and corrosion-resistant.
> Plastic Slides: Often used for light-duty applications.
5. Closing Mechanism:

> Soft-Close Slides: Include a mechanism that slows down the closing action, preventing slamming and providing a controlled, gentle close.
> Self-Closing Slides: Automatically pull the drawer closed when it is pushed to a certain point.
6. Special Features:

> Locking Slides: Have a locking mechanism to secure the drawer in place.
> Disconnect Slides: Allow for easy removal of the drawer without using tools.
> Push-to-Open Slides: Open the drawer when pushed lightly, without the need for handles.

Table of Contents

1. Do you have a minimum order quantity?

As the drawer slides wholesale, most of our drawer slides are in stock, so no MOQ requirement. If the drawer slides with a customized or any logo, we will have a MOQ.

2. How can we get your samples?

Free samples are available only they are in stock and the value is under 50 USD. If the ODM or the drawer slides with your logo, we will charge the samples.

3. What's your leading time?

Generally one month after confirm. If they are in stock, we can send them out in 2-3 days.

4. Do you have the ability to match my customized needs?

Yes, we can do it. Usually we will send you the drawing first, then we send you our samples, after you confirm the samples, we will produce the mass products.

5. Do you have any certifications for your products?

Our products pass SGS and UL test, if you like to have the report, please let me know.

6. How can we pay for our order?

We can accept PayPal and Western union for the trial order, and also the Bank Transfer.

7. How can we get your catalogue?

Please send your message to [email protected], we will send you in about 12 hours.

8. Can we visit your factory?

Yes, welcome. As the leading drawer slides manufacturer, we have 2 factories located in Guangzhou and Anhui.

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